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Dale Vermillion


Session II • July 15th 1 PM CDT

Elevating Your Sales

Moving from Connection to Commitment

Join industry expert Dale Vermillion for a 45-minute webinar specifically designed to help you overcome today's unique competitive pressures.

Or, learn more about the training.


Live Training • August 6th

Charting Your Guaranteed Path to Success

The industry's most-proven training exlusively for PRMI

Join industry expert Dale Vermillion for a 4-hour live, online experience of the most proven, practical and strategic mortgage sales training available today.


Let's change the game, together.

We are incredibly excited to help PRMI achieve its goal of a 20% increase in production by 2020.

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

By providing you with the industry’s only market-specific training built on the best-practices of top producers.

Dale Vermillion

Founder & CEO



Training Goals


Know Today's Market

Learn how to tailor your sales approach to today’s unique market conditions for maximum success


Stop Realtor Unhooking

Avoid unhooking by learning how to build true customer loyalty and a reliable referral network


Create Differentiation

Differentiate yourself from the competition by adopting the Triangle for Success™


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